#plugins [Open plugin in Obsidian](obsidian://show-plugin?id=obsidian-minimal-settings) ## Overview Minimal Theme Settings is the official plugin that accompanies [[Home|Minimal]]. It allows you to customize Minimal from the Obsidian Settings panel. This plugin is not required, but **highly recommended**. Minimal Theme Settings is required for [[Hotkeys]] support. ## Installation Use [this link to open in Obsidian](obsidian://show-plugin?id=obsidian-minimal-settings) or follow the instructions below: - Open Obsidian Settings - Go to `Community plugins` and turn off `Safe mode` - Under community themes search for "Minimal Theme Settings" and click `Install`, then `Enable` ## Settings ### Color scheme Choose from preset [[Color schemes]] or customize your own with [[Style Settings]] - Light mode color scheme - Dark mode color scheme #### Background contrast options Choose [[Background contrast]] options - **Default** uses a slighty darker background for the sidebar - **Low contrast** uses the same background for sidebar and main panel - **All white (light mode only)** uses white sidebar and main panel - **High contrast (light mode only)** uses dark sidebar and light main panel - **True black (dark mode only)** uses pure black sidebar and main panel #### Accent color - Control the accent color hue and saturation. This color is used for interactive elements such as links, buttons, text selections, and more. ### Features The following features can be toggled on or off: - **[[Navigation labels]]**: Primary navigation in the left sidebar uses text labels - **[[Colorful frame]]** — Text input cursor uses your accent color - **Colorful active states** — Active file and menu items use your accent color - **[[Colorful headings]]** — Headings use a different color for each size - **Minimal status bar** — Use narrow status bar - **Trim file names in sidebars** — Use ellipses to fit file names on a single line - **Workspace borders** — Display divider lines between sidebar elements - **[[Focus mode]]** — Hide title bar and status bar, hover to display - **Underline internal links** — Show underlines on internal links - **Underline external links** — Show underlines on external links - **Maximize media** — Images and videos fill the width of the line ### Typography #### Fonts - Editor font - Body font size - Sidebar font size - Line height #### Line width See [[Line width]] for more details - Normal line width - Wide line width - Maximum line width