#extras # What’s a snippet? Snippets are CSS files that allow you to create your own personal customizations on top of Minimal (or any Obsidian theme). You can install snippets by adding CSS files to the `.obsidian/snippets` folder in your vault, and activating them in Obsidian by going to `Settings` → `Appearance`. Note that snippets are only recommended for advanced users who are comfortable with CSS. Most common features of Minimal can be more easily customized via [[Minimal Theme Settings]] and [[Style Settings]] plugins. [[Help#Compatibility with community CSS snippets|Read more about help and risks related to snippets.]] # Official Minimal snippets ## Translation for text labels You can translate the [[Text labels for primary navigation]] feature into other languages with [translation snippets](https://github.com/kepano/obsidian-minimal/tree/master/translations)